Our Mission and Core Value

Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

At Farcent, we create consumer products and services by ceaselessly asking ourselves “how can we make people’s lives better?”

To us it is not simply about creating monotonous household products. Instead, it is about adding a dash of unexpected modernity, design and human touch to everything we do. It is an invitation to experience our daily routines from a different perspective and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures through everyday products.


All of this is done with sustainability in mind – by exploring different opportunities to create positive social & environmental impact and improve the state of the world.

Core Value

Our core values act as the moral compass for our employees, guiding their everyday actions and decisions.


Core Value

  • Operational Excellence

    We are constantly looking for ways to learn and improve as individuals and as a business. We bring excellence into everything we do.

  • Customer First Mindset

    We strive to build a healthy and lifelong relationship with our customers by identifying their needs and creating unexpected “Wow” experiences at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

  • Sustainability

    We believe in generating profits responsibly, balancing the needs for growth with creating positive social and environmental impact.

  • People Matters

    We invest heavily in employee learning and growth opportunities. Engaged employees = happy customers.

  • Compliance & Integrity

    We are honest and always strive to do right thing at all times in all circumstances. All our actions and decisions must conform to national and international laws.