Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Service Inquires

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  • Are there any negative side effects to using home fragrance products for a long period of time?

    Our products are certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Please use our fragrances with ease. 

  • How do I use the deodorizer (black grid cap) so that it has a scent?

    First, tear off all of the plastic wrapping. Then, take off the black grid cap (grab the black grid from the sides and gently pull up at an angle), remove the cap from the bottle, and put the black grid cap back on.

  • Do all 6 indoor perfume diffuser sticks need to be used at the same time?

    You may use as many or as few indoor perfume diffuser sticks as you’d like! Adjust the amount used to your desired fragrance strength (1 stick for a light scent and all 6 for full strength).

  • Do all 8 bamboo reed diffusers need to be used at the same time?

    You may use as many or as few reed diffusers as you’d like! Adjust the amount used to your desired fragrance strength (1 stick for a light scent and all 8 for full strength).

  • The wood cover on the wood block diffuser is loose. Can I tighten it?

    The wood cover cannot be tightened, it is meant to loosely sit atop the bottle. 

  • How often should bamboo reed diffusers and wood blocks be replaced?

    Bamboo reed diffusers: When the bottle is refilled, the reed diffusers should be replaced.

    Wood blocks: Wood blocks can be reused three times then should be replaced.

  • What is the warranty period for the deodorizing automatic sprayer?

    The warranty does not cover normal wear-and-tear or damage due to external factors. For devices still under warranty, please send the device, photocopies of all receipts, and the alkaline batteries in the device to Farcent Enterprise’s customer service. 

  • If light on the deodorizing automatic sprayer is lit, but it is not spraying, is it broken?

    Check the batteries and replace them with two brand new alkaline batteries.

  • How do I set up the auto-timer on the deodorizing automatic sprayer?

    Press the side button on the floral model sprayer. This will immediately switch to the time setting. 

    If the green light flashes once every 10 seconds, it is set to spray every 30 minutes. If the green light flashes twice every 10 seconds, it is set to spray every 15 minutes. (Warning: Keep away from face and high temperatures.)

Cleaning Tools

  • Can I buy individual parts for the dry and wet mop or Magic Diamond mop?

    No. We currently do not sell individual parts for these mops.

  • Why can't I use a different brand of mop bucket with my spin mop?

    Please use buckets compatible with one-handed wringing, and not buckets fitted with foot pedals.

  • Why can't I adjust my spin mop?

    First check the middle of the handle (the sticker that says loosen/ tighten) and loosen the handle. Put the mop into the bucket and press the water wringing button. When mopping the floor, twist to tighten. 


  • How do I use the hanging dehumidifier bag?

    Check the dehumidifier bag for any holes or defects before use. 

    Once you’ve fastened the hanging hook to the dehumidifier bag, it is ready to be hung in the closet. Make sure the bag is hanging freely and not pressed against any items.

    This item must be hung on a hook when used. Do not lay this item flat.

  • How do I use the water collection bag dehumidifier box set?

    First, thoroughly inspect the dehumidifier box before use for cracks or breaks. If the box is cracked or broken, do not use it. 

    When going to replace the water collection bag, do not open it. Place the white moisture lock paper flat inside the water collection bag dehumidifier box and then secure the lid. Make sure to place the dehumidifier box on a flat, stable surface. Do not put the box on its side or at an angle when placing or moving it. 

    The water collection bag cannot be used on its own. It must be used with the dehumidifier box. 

  • If the moisture lock film on the dehumidifier is broken, can I still use it?

    We do not recommend using a dehumidifier with a broken moisture lock film, as it may impact the effectiveness of the dehumidifier.

  • My skin came into contact with the dehumidifier liquid. What should I do?

    Don’t worry! Just wash your hands normally with hand soap to thoroughly clean off the liquid.

  • After several months, there is still no water in the dehumidifier bucket, but the beads clumped together. Can I still use it?

    This often occurs during the winter when the temperature drops. The speed of dehumidification slows at lower temperatures. We recommend leaving the dehumidifier where it is and not throwing it away, as it will still work. (Note that dehumidifier products work best at temperatures between 25℃ to 80℃.)

  • Crystals have formed at the bottom of dehumidifier bucket. How do I clean it?

    Pour water (50°C/122°F) into the container and let sit for 10 minutes. One the crystals dissolve, pour the water down the drain.

  • The white calcium chloride beads have become clumpy. Can I still use them?

    Yes, this is normal. This occurs when the beads start to liquify. You can continue to use them and it will not impact the effectiveness. 

  • Can the dehumidifier water be repurposed for other uses (i.e., water plants)?

    Do not use the dehumidifier water to water plants. The water should not be used for any other purposes and should be poured down the drain.

  • Where can I pour out the dehumidifier liquid?

    The liquid is safe to pour down the drain. 

  • I accidentally knocked over the dehumidifier. How do I clean the liquid?

    On clothing: Use a mixture of baking soda and water (1:2) on the affected area to neutralize the liquid.

    On the floor: Use warm water and a cloth to wipe up. 

  • What should I pay attention to when using dehumidifier products?

    1. Inspect all dehumidifier products before use. Check the dehumidifier bucket for cracks and breaks. If the container is broken in any way, do not use it.

    2. If the white moisture lock paper is scratched or broken, do not use it.

    3.  Place the dehumidifier bucket on a level, flat surface. Keep it in one place and do not move it around. Do not place on its side or tilt when removing it. 

    4. Check the water level and replace regularly.