Talent Acquisition


“Our People” are our most important asset. It is our goal to continuously strive for operational excellence and provide our valued employees with a comprehensive career plan & competitive compensation package.

As a leading FMCG company in Asia, it is our goal to further grow and bring our products to consumers worldwide. If you share our overall mission and enthusiasm, we welcome you to join the “Farcent Family”, where you will have the unique opportunity to work alongside passionate, ambitious and extremely fun people!

Comprehensive Compensation & Benefits

We provide a healthy and comfortable working environment, which allows our valued employees to positively contribute to our success!

  • Year-End Bonus and Employee Profit Sharing Plan

    Farcent Enterprise is committed to the idea of “sharing our success”. When it comes to compensating our employees, we reward good performance with good pay. The goal is to attract, retain and motivate top employees via our KPI-based remuneration system, which consists of “Year-End Bonus” and “Employee Profit-Sharing Plan”.

  • Employee Activities

    Besides offering three-holiday bonuses and gifts, Farcent Enterprise also hosts employee trips, yearly spring banquet, birthday parties and year-end Christmas party, etc.

  • Insurance and Retirement Plans

    Farcent Enterprise provides insurance coverage to all employees according to the law. In addition, we provide group insurance and preferential retirement plans for our employees.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Farcent Enterprise provides employee purchase discount plans and numerous subsidies such as, wedding and funeral, travel, health check-up and club activities, etc.

  • Vocational Training

    Besides providing induction trainings for new employees, we also encourage our employees to actively plan their yearly vocational training needs. The latter is subsidized by the Company in an effort to create a culture that encourages lifelong learning.

104 Job Opening Listings

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We welcome you to join us!