Perfume: From the Latin parfumare,
meaning “to smoke through.”

Perfumers rely on inspiration to create, drawing upon odors from nature and then crafting them into bottles. Perfume is all about the details. Les Parfums de Farcent has carefully crafted 3 scents for your home: Sea Salt & Wood Sage—light and crisp; Freesia & English Pear—sweet and fresh; and Star Magnolia—bright and clean.

Put on your favorite English tweed coat on a gloomy winter day and let the scent embrace you. Or let the sweet scent of late autumn wash over you by the window under the early morning sun. Or, perhaps, wipe down every corner with the crisp scent of summer to lift your mood.

From personal fragrance to room diffuser to home cleaner, disperse your favorite scent everywhere. Les Parfums de Farcent lets you live like you’re inside a perfume bottle.

Dress up any room with pleasant fragrance and beautiful design. Pair different fragrances together, or use by themselves. Discover your own individual style and choose your own scent. Create your own personal secret garden with your personal fragrance. Les Parfums de Farcent allows you to create your own light and luxurious, yet decadent scented world.


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