Founded in 1983

Farcent Enterprise is committed to brand development and expanding its global footprint.

With the gradual expansion of Farcent Enterprise, we have already extended our territory into China and Southeast Asia. The number of our employees and working partners has also continued to grow. We understand that with each passing day, Farcent’s impact on the industry and society deepens. That is why, in addition to pursuing outstanding operational performance, we value business ethics, abide by laws, and actively participate in social welfare programs. We are committed to pursuing sustainable development.

High operational performance and implementing corporate governance

“Improve quality of life; Create a convenient life” is Farcent Enterprise’s operational goal. Since our establishment, we have been focused on developing our core business. By using innovative means to pursue operational growth, we manage to maintain good growth year after year. We also take seriously the implementation of good corporate governance. We have strengthened the role of our board of directors and promote financial transparency, improve information disclosure, and implement internal audit and control.

  • Pursue Growth

  • Implement Governance

Fulfilling social and civic responsibility

Farcent Enterprises cares deeply about its employees. This care extends to society as whole. At the end of 2014, we established the Farcent Education Foundation. The foundation aims to promote education for the disadvantaged, as well as further environmental conservation and ecological sustainability education.

To assist with education for the disadvantaged, we began in our own backyard. We set up after-school classes for disadvantaged children, weekend parent-child classes, and EQ and character building courses in our neighboring communities, as well as injected funds into educational resources in rural schools. Gradually, we built the Farcent Social Care Map. Through the means of education, we work to give economically and educationally disadvantaged children more opportunities in life.

This year we collaborated with the Taiwan Environmental Information Association to teach children ocean education and set up environmental education courses, instilling the concepts of environmental protection at a young age. We organized beach cleanups and training activities with a SeedMarine instructor, giving people a hands-on way to get involved with the environment. Together, adults and children were able to contribute to protecting the environment.

The importance of education cannot be overstated. In the future, all of Farcent Enterprise will take part in giving back to society and participating in public welfare programs. With the goal of a “happy company,” we hope to drive change, create a better society, and improve our corporate social responsibility.

Protect the earth and future generations through continued development

As an everyday chemical company, Farcent Enterprise strives for good operational performance while also focusing on sustainable development. In order to provide our employees with the best and safe work environment, as well as save energy and be more environmentally friendly, we actively sought to make our newly built Taicang factory in China green. We used insulating material in the roofing, installed a water curtain system, replaced older equipment with energy-saving equipment, swapped diesel fuel equipment with natural gas, and built a zero-emission waste water treatment system.

In the future, we plan to invest more into the research and development of environmentally-friendly products. Our hope is that our product formulas will be made from a minimum of 95% biodegradable materials and other earth-friendly and organic materials. Furthermore, we plan to reduce the amount of packaging and use environmentally-friendly materials. By taking these steps, we hope to do our part in reducing carbon emissions, saving energy, and reducing waste.

  • Green factories

  • 95% biodegradable product formulas

  • Environmentally-friendly packaging

Professional Operations and a Happy Work Environment

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We work hard to provide employees with a healthy, safe, and positive workplace. By improving salaries, establishing an environment where employees feel encouraged, providing transparent communication, etc., we hope to build a company where professional operations creates happy employees.

Moving forward, we will continue to strive for stable growth and profit, and breathe new life into the industry with our innovative business model. As we continue to grow, we are committed to taking on even more social responsibility, pursing an even higher standard. We will continue to push ourselves, and hope to become the benchmark for the cleaning and home fragrance industry.

  • Happy company

  • Take on more corporate social responsibility